Saturday, May 21, 2011

Want to Use Your Android as a PC Input Device?

Unified Remote
Easily, the most feature
filled Android-PC remote.
Got a nice android phone you love? Want to control your computer from across the room? Keyboard or mouse broken and you need a temporary fix? Just throw up Unified Remote and keep going.

So my laptop's keyboard has been dead for some time. Something spilled on it or it got stepped on, who knows. I figured I could just use the same wireless mouse and keyboard I've been using. But I'm limited to 2 usb ports at that point. So a friend recommended this program to me.

At first glance I was overwhelmed with how many different "remotes" Unified has. I figured out the basic input for quickly getting the keyboard and mouse to work. Was simple and can use hardware or software keyboards. Simple and easy.

Although Unified has tons of great features, I wish it had a shortcut to go straight to keyboard/mouse remote. And it might not effect many users, I don't have .Net up to date. It requires 4 and it's too much work.

Unified Remote gets my pick, install it today. Permalink Scan:

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