Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long Load Times?

Disk Defragmentation

Ready to play a game but you're bogged down by how long your computer takes to load? Frustrated that you have to wait on files loading in general? Defraggler might not fix it, but will make it go a little faster.

As you've probably gathered thus far, I get stuck on my net book quite often. I had been using my external hdd on Windows 7 and things were great. But my net book has XP. So after using the hdd for months it became unbearable. Also, my ssd needed one after about a year of use.

Defraggler is just as simple as CCleaner. Might even be easier. Select the drive, analyze and defrag. I'm pretty sure this program has the same features as CCleaner in the ability to be scheduled. This one is also portable and can defrag individual files as well.

Really there's only one "downside" but it's expected. When defragging a 500 gig drive do you expect to keep chugging along like nothings happening? I suggest taking a good nights sleep while this is going on. Permalink Scan:

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