Monday, May 23, 2011

Looking for a Shell Explorer Replacement?

Exponential growth in the file
management productivity
Windows Explorer not enough for you? Want a tabbed file manager? Feel like you need more settings? xplorer² lite might be the solution for you.

Yet again, the net book. So with such a limited screen space it soon became too much of a hassle to have tons of windows open when programming. So I found this program.

xplorer² lite is simple. It didn't take me long to understand how to use it. Quick look over and I was on my way. Tabs were the best benefit. There are more features for the pay version, but I'm OK with the free version.

As always there's one small thing that bugs me. It has an option to act as a complete explorer replacement. Great option, but it can't handle things like network connections and stuff. Also, I feel like auto refresh should be in every version. Also would like to have a format tool built in.

Long story short, few minor fall backs, but a great alternative. Permalink Scan:

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