Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Accidentally Lost a File?

File Recovery
Accidently deleted a file? Time to see what you've deleted? Want to restore old pictures? Recuva might be a good option for you.

So programs work with files on the hard drive and I got curious how much they did. When the program creates a temp file and deletes it, Recuva can still see that file because it was removed from the drives table, not erased. I had a cd-key for an old game on my hdd before it crashed. I couldn't get it again because an online friend gave it to me, so Recuva was my only choice.

Recuva, as always with Piriform, is simple to use. It has a search box to find specific files and it's easy to look for certain file types as well. It's quick and you'll be surprised at how much crap it finds.

Although Recuva is free and works great, my situation failed. My external hdd went corrupt(thanks linux) and I lost everything. Since then I think it's had 2 reformats and now Recuva doesn't see the file. Had I done a deep scan after the first reformat, I should have found it.

Great if you want to filter through the emptied Recycle Bin, but don't let any time go before recovering that important file! Permalink Scan:


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