Friday, May 13, 2011

Want a More Organized Environment?

Make all windows snap
Ever want to line up two windows perfectly? Like the way Winamp or Photoshop snap to the edges? With allSnap all windows can do so.

Yet again with my netbook I was in a conundrum. The resolution is small and I want all the windows to fit the same. So google and research revealed to me a program called allSnap. Simple install and I was ready to go.

AllSnap has the simplest use. The demonstration video included explains it best. Put it in startup, and all windows will now snap together. Quick and works on XP and Vista/7.

AllSnap was wonderful. Easiest and integrated the best. In the past though I had issues with the Windows 7 Aero theme. I don't think that issue persists, but bugs do get worked out.

Make all windows snap! They said it best. Permalink Scan:

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