Monday, May 9, 2011

Curious About This Beast?

System Information
Forget what ram your using? Need to know your pc's core temp? Want to send your specs to a friend? I've found Speccy to be the perfect system info app.

I'm always forgetting the minor details of my pc. Who cares on a day to day what interface your ram uses? I don't but if I ever need to know, it's there. Along with info from anything else this box is running.

As always with Piriform, their programs simplicity is what gets my approval. Just running speccy provides a nice menu on the left. It also has features like saving a log. Great for posting specs or sharing info.

My only possible complaint about Speccy is I can't list everything on one page. It'd be nice to have a compare feature that would load a file and compare the current machine. Hear that Piriform? *Chuckles* Probably not.

Run it, save it, send it. Pretty simple. Permalink Scan:


  1. gonna save that tool for later. itll come in handy im sure

  2. Nice tool, thanks for the info.