Sunday, May 15, 2011

Need More Desktop Space?

Ever think icons take too much space? Tired of feeling cluttered? Prefer a list view on your desktop? DeskView is the right tool for you.

So as most of my posts go, my net book had an issue. The screen resolution was too small and icons take too much space. The solution was DeskView.

DeskView's simplicity is the trick here. Just double click and the magic happens. Drop a shortcut in the startup folder and you're good to go. With Vista/7 you may need to resize the thumbnails, which is done by holding "CTRL" and the mouse wheel.

Although DeskView is simple, I think its a little too simple. Its a rewrite of a windows 2000 program somebody wrote, so there's no U.I. There is little to no documentation and the original author seems to be unknown.

Simple task, simple tool. Permalink Scan:

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