Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time for Some Spring Cleaning?

Optimization and Cleaning
Been browsing the web for a while? Feel like things have been slowing down each day? Running low on free space? If you're looking for a little bit of performance boost, check out CCleaner.

I was stuck on my net book for quite some time. So I installed the lightest browser I could think of. But after a month of heavy use I was wondering what happened to my little speed demon. As always, Google is your friend!

CCleaner is probably the easiest program I've seen out there. I simply ran the program and didn't need any help. It cleans up more things than I would be willing to do by hand. The biggest benefit I found took a little research. With the proper command lines it can be scheduled to run automatically. Works relatively fast too.

As far as downsides I can't come up with any. It would be nice if Piriform came out with an update to control a scheduled task or setup one through the app instead of doing so by hand.

Quick clean up and good minor boost.

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  1. CCleaner reviews and videos have been out ever since it was created. Try new programs