Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time to Clean Up Those Installs?

UnClean 2.0
Ever try to uninstall a program and can't find the shortcut? What if the program doesn't show up in the add or remove programs control? UnClean 2.0 is an excellent replacement.

Windows XP can be unbearably slow on certain machines. My net book only has 8GB of storage and I started receiving the "running low on space" crap. The control panel was taking too long to load. So another trip to Google and I found UnClean 2.0.

UnClean was pretty easy to use. I opened it up and checked out the menu. Pretty simple. The best thing about it is it sees more than XP's default remove programs option. I started cleaning up my computer by just removing things I never used any more or just didn't want. Took a good while to check out everything. Also used it to clean up another computer. Great for cleaning up after too much has been done.

Although the ability to see all installs was nice, I'd like the option to hide things like security patches and updates. There might have been an option somewhere, but I feel that should be a simple button click, not a small search.

Overall, clean up with UnClean 2.0 Permalink Scan:

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